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We're Giving Gifts! Our Favorite Tips for Microsoft Office

Mastering time is something today’s workers find challenging.  And let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day.  One thing that RAMCO strives to provide in our classes is the added value of offering our learners tips for using productivity enhancing features.  At a time of the year when we give thanks for your continued support of RAMCO Software Training, we want to offer you the gift of some of our favorite tips and tricks.  These tools simply make your life easier.

Backstage View

In order to personalize how your software works for you, spend some time in File|Options and adjust your program settings.  Here (in all 2010/2013 programs) you’ll find the options for everything from how your ScreenTips are displayed, to default save locations for files, to whether or not spelling is automatically checked when sending email, and how many worksheets are included when you start a new Excel file.  Adjusting these settings really puts the program to work for you!

Managing Multiple Open Files

When you need to compare documents, or move or copy information from one document to another, an excellent efficiency tool is the View|Arrange All feature.  In Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, it is handy to copy and paste information from a document or slide into another file, or compare versions of a document to find differences.  This is easy when you arrange documents to display side by side. And, when you turn on the option for Synchronous Scrolling, this allows you to stay in the same relative location in each document.  You can even open a new Window of your current document, allowing you to work in different areas of the same document at once.

Import and Export Customizations of the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

One of our instructors stands by his favorite efficiency feature from Office 2010, the ability to import and export both a custom Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Customizing these tools allows quick access to features you’ve identified as most useful. Once exported, the customized ribbon or toolbar can be imported and installed on different computers, and gives you the ability to share them with your team.  This is great for a specialized group or when you buy a new laptop, tablet, or PC.

File Sharing in the Cloud

Another instructor loves the collaboration and file sharing features you gain when saving files to the Cloud, namely to SharePoint or OneDrive.  Using SharePoint or OneDrive, documents and presentations can be viewed and edited in the software or in a browser, and real-time collaboration can occur while the author manages which changes are incorporated. 

Repeat Last Action-F4 Function Key

One of our all-time favorite timesaving techniques in Word, Excel and PowerPoint is the F4 function key, which repeats the last action for the current selection.  This is great when you want to replicate formatting on large or small parts of the document (Format Painter does the same thing) or want to manually select items to change.  Be careful not to make any other changes, or that becomes the “last” action.  In fact, there are a lot of awesome timesaving Function Keys to make use of!  An internet search should help you find some useful keys or keystroke combinations you can start using today.






Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net