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MORE Excel classes added by popular demand!

Check the new schedule-these classes are sure to fill!

Software Skills the New Normal; A Must to Get Ahead

Using computers to get daily job tasks done is a given in today’s workplace.  Likewise, having strong computer skills is a must in order to succeed in any organization regardless of your role.
One important advantage of computer proficiency is the cost savings to the company.  For example, a business can maintain a computerized list of customers.  To increase sales, the business can send special promotions to these customers by email, eliminating printing and postage costs.  Also, a manufacturing company can automate part of its production process with computers. The automation process helps the manufacturer cut back on labor costs.


Smaller companies can appear larger and more professional by using computers, according to Entrepreneur.com.

Sophisticated desktop publishing and Microsoft Office software enable small businesses to create professional-looking documents.  Small companies can also create websites that rival those of large corporations.  Consequently, a small business may competitively acquire clients because of their enhanced image.


Developing a strategy to become more computer proficient is important for both employee and employer.  As part of the corporation’s success and your own, make a plan for your professional development and set aside the time to attend classes and practice the skills you learn in training. Set yourself apart with vital professional skills including creating effective PowerPoint presentations, managing meetings and appointments in your Outlook calendar, publish professional Word documents, and automate decision making using Excel.
Find out which RAMCO courses will help further your career and productivity path.  Our training advisors have experience working with area employers to ensure corporate success, and we look forward to helping with yours!


Heard Recently in a RAMCO Excel Class...

Roy was a great teacher! I wasn't sure that I would be able to follow along (Excel is not my strong suit) - but it was easy and informative! I left feeling excited about Excel and not dreading it. -Andrea P, RAMCO Student


Inclement Weather Policy

If the status of a class changes due to inclement weather, this information will be posted on the home page of our website and/or we will have a voice mail greeting regarding class status for the day.