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Great Software Tips From our Classes You Can Use Today!

There are endless timesaving and simple Microsoft Office tips that RAMCO passes along to our valued customers! Here are some that you can put to use right away.  Students always get these tips and more value-added information in our classes, so register now and stay a step ahead every day.

Drag an email message to your calendar to create an appointment or meeting. Sometimes an email is a great reminder or prompt that some additional action is needed, whether for yourself or your team. Save that valuable information in your meeting by dragging the email to your calendar. Change the details for date and time, invite attendees, and you’re done!

Change where the cursor moves after pressing the ENTER key in your Excel worksheets.  If you do a lot of work in Excel, you can make your data entry more efficient by modifying how Excel behaves when you press Enter. You can move it to the right, or down a line, for instance. There are other customization options for filling, editing, autocomplete, and other tools.

Convert ordinary or boring bulleted lists to SmartArt lists.  SmartArt is easy to apply and gives your document added sophistication and visual appeal.  Simply choose and insert the SmartArt graphic you would like to use with your document, and enter lines of text or paste existing bulleted or numbered list into the text entry pane.  Although positioned in the graphic, the text remains searchable.  There are dozens of layouts and SmartArt styles to choose from!

Create forms for Excel data entry.  Many organizations use forms for common activities, such as timesheets and expense forms. You can make it easy to for the employee to fill in form fields while protecting the rest of the information on the form that contains instructions and standard company information.  In addition, in the user portion of the form, you can create drop-down lists to further save time and ensure that information is consistent and can be easily understood.  Hint: you must add the Form button to the Quick Access toolbar in Excel.

Reuse PowerPoint slides.  In order to save time and be consistent in your branding with presentations, you can conveniently reuse slides from existing presentations when building a new presentation. This feature allows you to use a layout or slide content without having to duplicate or recreate what is already available. This is a really great timesaving tool!


Help Key: Changing the Cursor Behavior in Excel


Customize Excel Options.


On the View tab, Messages group,

Click::  File tab
Select:  Options

Select: Advanced link in the menu pane

Note:  Review other options for additional customization.

In the Editing options section,

Turn On: move selection box (check box)

Select: Direction option from drop-down list

Note:        The Show as Conversations view is also available in the menu when right-clicking on a column heading.

Scroll: down for additional options

Click: OK

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