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Added by popular demand! New SharePoint Level 1 and Excel Level 2 classes!
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Ensure Learning Happens-In the Classroom and Beyond

One of the most challenging tasks in the training industry is ensuring that learning is taking place. Today’s learners are more diverse than ever, with several generations in the workforce, and the sheer amount of technology available to help people to learn and to do their jobs.


Training departments and training partners can both take steps to increase learner purpose, engagement, and retention.  Whether training is managed through a Human Resource department or an IT organization, there are some very effective measures which can support today’s learner.
Initially, employees should have discussions with a manager or supervisor about training and the skill gaps they are trying to fill.  Both should review the course objectives, and talk about their goals for training outcomes.  If necessary, engage someone from the training provider to discuss course content to make sure there are one or more courses available to meet the learning requirements.


During class, RAMCO facilitators are continually working to engage learners through questioning, intuitive coaching, scenario-based examples, and independent labs.  According to noted learning professional Elliott Masie, the attitude of our learner is “When I’m curious, I learn. If I’m not, I attend.” RAMCO continues to explore new ways to engage today’s learner. Increasing knowledge retention is an unending quest for training organizations.


In his article in Learning Solutions magazine, Dr. Art Kohn, a noted cognitive psychologist, describes his research on the “forgetting curve” (Figure 1) and the resulting statistic that within an hour, learners forget an average of 50% of the information that was presented.  With RAMCO’s structured curriculum, we improve retention rates through reinforcement of tasks and processes throughout the course.  By recalling information and doing practice work using the information they receive, learners are continually reinforcing learning and knowledge transfer instead of memorization.


By partnering with a professional training organization who is committed to successful learning outcomes, you can be sure that your investment in your employee, and your bottom line, will exceed expectations.  Find out more about how to manage your organization’s computer training challenges with RAMCO Software Training from Conni Elliott or call us at (206) 292-4914.



Brain Science: The Forgetting Curve-the Dirty Secret of Corporate Training, March 13, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Help Key


Run a SharePoint 2013 workflow that has been set up to run manually.
From the List/Library Page,

Click: ellipsis after the document name
Click: ellipsis at bottom of dialog box
Choose: Workflows
Select: workflow you want to run
Choose: Start this Workflow

Note: The same sequence is used to initiate any of the workflow steps.


Right: Document Approval Process, Single Approver