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Excel Classes Filling Fast!

Sharing What You Learn in Class Helps Everyone Win

Our students often comment on the reactions from their peers when they go back to work after a day of training with RAMCO.  The reactions range from a simple thanks, for showing them a useful technique, to Wow!  This feedback is awesome for us to have, and really gets down to a simple statement.  Even a small bit of learning can have a huge impact on a company’s overall success!

Imagine the impact on a customer or manager when they read corporate communication with text attractively formatted and in perfect alignment.  Also, think about how professional it looks when all of the documents, flyers, and presentations use the same color and font themes.  Features like tables, sophisticated paragraph formatting, and themes are taught in our Word and PowerPoint Level 1 and 2 courses.

Consider the effect on an organization’s decision making capability when an employee is able to mine customer data from an Access database or analyze hundreds or thousands of rows of spreadsheet information.  Envision being able to spot trends and being able to give management a visualization of the data.  Employees can learn to do this all in our Access courses, our Excel Level 3 and PivotTables courses.  In fact, “Quick Analysis” is one of the hottest new features in Excel 2013, and can be found in our PivotTables course.

Set your office on fire with your new skills and be the WOW factor in your company.  The opportunity to gain new skills is one of the criteria for a company recognized as a “Best Places to Work” company.  Call or email us today to find out how to provide value to what you do or for your entire workplace!

New Excel 2013 Feature: Quick Analysis

Excel 2013's Quick Analysis tool gives you access to features that were in previous versions of Excel, but were often overlooked or unknown to many users.

With Quick Analysis, when you select a group of cells, a palette of analysis options opens up, suggestive of some of the things that you would commonly do using the data you've selected.

Choose a tab, and hover over an option to get a live preview of the feature. You can apply formatting, create a table or chart, insert a PivotTable, and add Sparklines to your worksheet--to name a few great features!

Find out more about this feature in our Excel Level 3 class-register or contact us for more information today!