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Why use Visio to Diagram Business Processes? It's Easy!

The concept of documenting business processes is tossed around a lot these days, and although business process optimization is an excellent goal for any company, there should be a clear understanding of the workflow before documentation begins.  The first step is to hold stakeholder and team meetings to provide a clear picture of how information is being routed.  If workflow is not well understood or doesn’t accurately reflect what is actually being done, it is difficult to map the details of the processes.

Once the processes are identified, the second step is documenting them.  It is important to share the logic of the business processes so that everyone can identify what the company’s business strategy is and the vital role every member of the team plays in implementing the strategy. Using pictures and explanations better illustrates the workflow of a business process, giving visibility into how the organization executes their business strategy.  A successful plan requires documentation and communication. 

Visio is a great tool for documenting most business processes.  Visio offers general purpose process diagram templates including the basic flowchart, cross functional flowchart (pictured left), and workflow diagram templates to diagram even a business process that doesn’t follow a specific methodology.

If an organization has chosen a business process methodology, and needs their diagram to provide symbols with specific meaning, and shapes to diagram certain data types, Visio offers templates to design these diagrams. Some of these templates include a Six Sigma diagram, ITIL diagram, the Value Stream Map, and the Microsoft SharePoint Workflow (pictured right). With Visio in your toolbox, you will be able to create meaningful and informative diagrams that have a huge impact on your business.

Contact us today to find out how to put the power of Visio to work for you!  Check our schedule for Visio training options, for local and Live Online training classes.

Tips and Tricks - Visio

Create a Basic Visio Flowchart.
Choose:      File tab
Select:        New
Select:        Basic Flowchart
Choose:      US Unit
Click:           OK