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Choose a Collaboration Suite to Truly Enable Team Success

Collaboration suites, like Microsoft Office 365, offer numerous benefits to private and public sector organizations, including the cost-savings that a single-vendor system can bring. In addition, 82% of users identify reducing time and "improving teamwork" as some of the greatest benefits to using collaboration tools.1


When it comes to communication, it can be much less expensive to implement a unified solution for communication services. A Forrester research study determined that a company can save an average of $247,000 over three years by eliminating third-party tools.2
















If you really want to increase the productive time that employees spend in the office or working remotely, consider a collaboration suite for a cost-effective solution that removes barriers to collaboration.


Read more about the Microsoft Office 365 value proposition.

1 “State of Collaboration Report,” 2013, Collaborative Strategies Inc.

2 “Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365: Enterprise Customers,” 2015, Forrester


Let Excel Do the Updating For You with Linking


Preparing a large budget worksheet?  Using data from formulas on different worksheets?  These are tedious tasks when done manually, but simple when you use Linking in Excel!


A link is a formula that dynamically pulls in data from another cell in the same or a different worksheet, or a different workbook (file).


The cell in the current worksheet receives data from a cell on the source worksheet.  When the value in the source worksheet changes, the cell with the link is updated the next time the file is opened.


This eliminates the need to have identical data updated in multiple sheets, saving time, reducing errors, and improving the integrity of your data. 


Storing data in a “master list” and having others link to that list is a simple example of how this works. 


Attend Excel Level 2 to learn how to create different types of Links, and so much more!


For more information about Excel Level 2, click here.




Heard Recently in a RAMCO Excel Class...

"I learned a lot in this class and will definitely be able to use this information on a daily basis."

- Micaela S., RAMCO Excel Student