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Why You Really DO Need to Train Your Employees

As most organizations do, RAMCO makes follow up calls on a daily basis to companies in our area to keep them informed about helpful training topics and newly scheduled class dates.  We get great feedback about what clients are doing with software, pending upgrades, and changes within their organization.  In addition, we get comments on why they are not offering training to their staff.  Based on this feedback, we suggest a few reasons why companies should consider offering training to their employees, as a benefit and as a necessity.


“We only hire people with basic skills.”  In an increasingly competitive global economy, it’s very hard to imagine coping with the “basic” knowledge that an employee had when they were hired.  For companies to be successful and innovative, employees need training on the latest tools and timesaving techniques that Microsoft Office software provides.  Business software has evolved, and so should an organization’s utilization of the software.  In order to be lean and competitive, every employee should know how to leverage the latest innovations the software provides in order to free up their time and add value to their job—regardless of what they do.


“We expect people to learn the software on their own.”  Many studies indicate that talented employees will seek training outside of their company to be promotable or leave their current job for a better one.  According to research from Willis Towers Watson, more than 70% of high-retention-risk employees say...


Read the rest of the article here.


Let Excel Do the Updating For You with Linking


Preparing a large budget worksheet?  Using data from formulas on different worksheets?  These are tedious tasks when done manually, but simple when you use Linking in Excel!


A link is a formula that dynamically pulls in data from another cell in the same or a different worksheet, or a different workbook (file).


The cell in the current worksheet receives data from a cell on the source worksheet.  When the value in the source worksheet changes, the cell with the link is updated the next time the file is opened.


This eliminates the need to have identical data updated in multiple sheets, saving time, reducing errors, and improving the integrity of your data. 


Storing data in a “master list” and having others link to that list is a simple example of how this works. 


Attend Excel Level 2 to learn how to create different types of Links, and so much more!


For more information about Excel Level 2, click here.




Heard Recently in a RAMCO Excel Class...

"I learned a lot in this class and will definitely be able to use this information on a daily basis."

- Micaela S., RAMCO Excel Student