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Some Reasons we Love SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 abounds with modernization, increased collaboration opportunities, and faster and more relevant information retrieval, but what makes it more likeable is a question companies sometimes struggle with.  As the saying goes, “If it’s not broke…”, but there's a lot to love here. In this case, we’ve found some very helpful and easy to implement features that we’d like to share with you.  You’ll find these in our SharePoint 2013 Level 1 and 2 courses, currently on our schedule.

Social Collaboration

With the ability to have ongoing conversation threads (think Facebook), SharePoint offers features to enhance social collaboration with rankings, badges, “likes”, and MySite improvements. Information in a user’s newsfeed is more relevant than ever, with the ability to follow content and tagging in conversations.

With the full integration of FAST search technology in SharePoint 2013, Gartner analysts consider Microsoft a leader in enterprise search functionality.  While the configuration and customization remain at an IT level, the out-of-the-box benefits are obvious to the site collection administrators and site owners.  Some of these include continuous crawling and indexing of site content, flexible search with the query condition/rules engine, and search-driven page design.
Adding a Search Page or search box to your page gives you the ability to provide uses with immediate access to search capability and search results display configuration options.

Click for more great features in SharePoint 2013

What's Really Important for Success?

With all of the news and advice coming at decision makers these days, it’s getting hard to determine what’s really necessary for a business to be successful.  Do you have the right social media advertising?  Should you consider IT outsourcing?  What will a higher minimum wage mean to our business?  What new technology should you install?

What it really comes down to is people, and providing the tools for people to do their job effectively and efficiently.  This can be new technology and new systems, but without training, it’s just “stuff”.  At RAMCO, we believe that training people to use the right tools, in the right way, to do their work is the most important thing a company or organization can do to be competitive and profitable.

Employee development is a huge factor in why workers stay with an organization.  The costs are well-documented for hiring and training new employees versus employee retention.  The benefit doesn’t stop with the employee—happy employees create an environment that fosters teamwork and aligns the entire organization toward company goals.  Everybody wins!

We look forward to partnering with our current and prospective clients to continue on the path to success in 2014!