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There's still time to register for the August Excel classes--get ready for fall!

You've Got a New SharePoint Site. Now What?

You just landed that coveted role of SharePoint site owner for your workgroup, or organization. So, now what?  SharePoint site administration requires a fair amount of planning and decision making before a single design element is created.  Here are a few of the considerations that you or your management team should address in advance of the ‘go live’ date.


Every site needs a governance model, the set of policies, responsibilities, roles and processes that determine how you will collectively use SharePoint.  Governance can and/or should be addressed at the site collection level, the individual site level, or the subsite or team site level.  You will want to ensure that your sites are current or retired, the right people have access to the content they need, users know when they should create a new sub-site, versus creating a list or other content, and let users know what themes and templates they should use for sub-sites.


Permissions management should be one of the first priorities for a site owner.  Groups are the most efficient way to give people access to SharePoint sites, and are much easier to manage than individual permissions for each site visitor. When you use permissions inheritance, you can more easily visualize the site hierarchy.  When sub-sites inherit permissions from the parent site, you can avoid handing out unique permissions for the new site.  Organizing site content by permissions also keeps sensitive content in one place, rather than having documents spread amongst different libraries, protected by unique permissions.


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Excel is the Must Have Office App


There’s a reason Excel is our most popular curriculum—Excel is likely the most widely used business software program in today’s workplace, and one of the most versatile.  From simple calculations to high level business intelligence uses, there’s an Excel for everyone.
One of best features for getting faster and easier results from calculations is the application of Functions.  Simply, functions are predesigned formulas. 


One of the greatest aspects of functions is the simple and clear Insert Function dialog box.  If you think “there must be a way to calculate this”, there probably is.  From adding groups of cell values, or calculating percentages and averages to using functions that count the occurrence of text values, there’s a function for almost everything. Just type in a description of what you want to do and search Excel for the possibilities.


For more information about Excel Functions, click here.


Heard Recently in a RAMCO Excel Class...

"Instructor was great, very hands on with the class. Taught us without boring us. Really enjoyed the class and appreciated the shortcuts. Loved his personality!!" - Kimberly F., RAMCO Excel Student