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More Excel classes added by popular demand! Check our new dates.

Some Software Gems You Should Know About

There are great features that are often overlooked when students assess their use of a software, and their skill level.  Most of the time it’s not an overestimation of our knowledge or skills, but simply a matter of not knowing what features are available to save us time or effort.

This scneario is typical of a lot of the students we talk to in assessing their training requirements.  Here are some useful, often overlooked features in our Office curriculum.

Word Tables—tables give you the tools you need to align text, create forms, perform mathematical calculations, and design beautiful presentations.  With the ability to merge cells in the table, modify cell widths and heights, and manage the flow of text around the table, you will create high quality, professional documents.  This great feature is covered in the Level 1 class.

Outlook Tasks—Tasks is a very easy to use task manager that will help you with two major types of items.  Flagged email appears in you task list, because once flagged, they are actionable items.  Then there are the to-do list items that you add to the task list.  Keeping track of to-do’s as tasks allows you to update status, send status reports, and assign a task.  Outlook Tasks is extremely flexible, allowing you to keep track of simple to-do items all the way to managing projects and assigning work.  Tasks is covered in Level 2.


Excel Fill Handle—the Fill Handle is a feature that saves tons of time when you are creating spreadsheets.  If you are using column or row headings for months, years, days of the week, or a custom list, use the fill handle to populate your entire list.  Simply type your first entry and Excel automatically fills in the rest of the series!  This feature will save you both time and effort!  The Fill Handle is covered in Level 1.

These are just a few of the underutilized features that can save you time and give you the skills you need to create beautiful documents and keep yourself on track!  Contact us today to learn which RAMCO courses will benefit you and your organization. 

Adobe InDesign + RAMCO = Publishing Success!

Adobe InDesign is the industry leading software for publication design and production. Both print designers and digital publishers use InDesign to create content that can be published in a variety of formats, including digital readers, tablets, and print outputs.

Learn to create beautiful and professional documents with ease! In our two-day course, you'll learn how to move rows and columns in tables with drag and drop techniques, create fixed layout and design no matter what the screen size is, sync fonts with a single click, and manage color swatches more effortlessly!

Find out why more desktop publishers are using InDesign to create their beautiful and compelling documents! Attend our Adobe InDesign class and find more information here.