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Don't Leave Success to Chance--Start with a Plan for 2015


All good things come to those who plan, right?  That’s probably true, and we think the safe money truly is on planning.  We can often see the benefits of planning in training, and when using business productivity software as part of your toolkit!

Starting off the year with a training plan benefits the knowledge worker by creating a learning track, and it helps the organization move forward with increased efficiency and creativity.  Both of those things usually result in cost savings and higher profit!  So, it’s a win-win.  RAMCO can help you assess skill gaps and develop a training plan, based on a job role, specific task, or a project-based need.

Looking at Microsoft Office software, there are many opportunities to implement a plan for design and effectiveness to maximize efficiency and reduce effort while producing some amazing results.  Consider some of the following best practices as you consider your goals and challenges for the coming year.

In Access, planning your work could include things like planning the structure of your database before you start entering data.  For an Access database, you may want to create a database diagram, and determine what tables you need based on your business model.  For example, you might want one table to store information about your products or inventory, another table for orders, and a separate table for customer information.  As you can see, these are all related items for a sales transaction and creating relationships between tables will be a huge benefit to sales, accounting, and inventory staff, to name a few.


With Excel, there are such a wide variety of uses and implementing some best practices is essential to great spreadsheet functionality.  For instance, design your spreadsheet to harness the power of Excel, not please the eye.  Every empty column you place among the data makes it far less useable.  Take advantage of Charts or PivotTables, where you can make the information visually relevant or appealing to your audience. Consider using PowerPoint to tell the story of your data and why it’s important.  Don’t sacrifice functionality for aesthetics—there are many ways to present the data to your audience.

When planning your documents, use Word styles to build your document and manage formatting for short or long documents.  By applying styles, you can easily change the formatting with one simple change to the style or by changing a theme.  For example, a section heading can be changed all through a document by just modifying the heading style you used.  With a Theme, your change includes fonts, effects, and colors  all at once.  There are predesigned themes, or you can create your own theme using corporate colors, font, and style requirements.  In addition, the themes for Microsoft Office are available in other programs, so you can have documents and presentations with the same color scheme, font, and overall professional polish.


SharePoint is a great platform for tying all of these amazing documents and information together so that everyone benefits from the collective expertise. Learn how to connect your people to your business information with a SharePoint site.


Contact us today to find out which classes will benefit you most when creating a plan with the tools you need to implement it.  We welcome the challenge to help you start this year with a plan!