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Stay Ahead of the Competition--Use Your Tools Wisely

The newest version of Excel brings more options and predictive tools than ever before.  Now, simply select a group of cells, and the program suggests some tasks based on typical use patterns.  As a statistical calculation and comparison tool, the software is easier to use than ever before.


In fact, the PivotTable is one of the single most powerful tools in the Excel feature set, and is most frequently used for large data analysis.  A PivotTable is an interactive data summarization tool that automatically condenses a large dataset into a separate and concise table.  The agility it provides in being able to change your perspective by selecting different data fields means you can make informed decisions very quickly.

Don’t be intimidated by PivotTables—they're an easy to use tool that turns out powerful results!

Spend Less Time Managing, More Time Doing

Some quiet but very useful features arrived with your Outlook 2013 and 365 upgrades, and you may not even know about them yet. 

Using the Peek feature displays glimpses of your calendar, tasks and favorite contacts simply by hovering over the navigation bar icons.  From Peek, interact directly with one of your favorite contacts via email, IM, video conference, or phone call.  When you use Lync or Skype for Business, these options are all available to you.  You can also “dock” the Peek window so that your favorite people list or task list appears in your To-Do Bar.

In addition to the Reading Pane, use the Message Preview feature to determine at a glance, which messages require immediate attention or can be quickly processed.  The preview option gives you additional tools for managing messages.

Triage your email quickly and easily with inline replies, forwards, storage, and flagging.  Don’t spend time opening and dragging around messages that can be quickly processed.  A key component to “getting things done” is to take care of the things you can do quickly, and get it finished.  This allows you to spend time on the important work where you can add value.

These are just a few, handy features in Outlook that may give you more time to do the kind of work you enjoy and free up space you need to think creatively! Contact us today to find out which training classes will help you unleash the power of your Office tools, including Outlook.