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Business success is data driven--Use analysis tools in Excel!

Collaboration with Office Drives Success for All

RAMCO started training in the late 90’s on the features in Microsoft Office that facilitate collaboration and file sharing, including commenting, tracking changes to a document, and workspaces. This was a one-day course, designed for the power user community, and seemed very “techy” at the time.

Fast forward to 2016, where collaboration is the standard, and the SharePoint platform is ubiquitous. Now, all of the Office apps have features that facilitate and encourage sharing. Here is a brief overview of the features you can use for collaboration and sharing ideas.


Using cloud file storage is a very easy way to save and share files using a link to a document or an invitation to share the file.  Most of the Office apps include the commands to Share files using a OneDrive location, or to send a PDF file for shared commenting.


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Excel is the Must Have Office App


There’s a reason Excel is our most popular curriculum—Excel is likely the most widely used business software program in today’s workplace, and one of the most versatile.  From simple calculations to high level business intelligence uses, there’s an Excel for everyone.
One of best features for getting faster and easier results from calculations is the application of Functions.  Simply, functions are predesigned formulas. 


One of the greatest aspects of functions is the simple and clear Insert Function dialog box.  If you think “there must be a way to calculate this”, there probably is.  From adding groups of cell values, or calculating percentages and averages to using functions that count the occurrence of text values, there’s a function for almost everything. Just type in a description of what you want to do and search Excel for the possibilities.


For more information about Excel Functions, click here.



Heard Recently in a RAMCO Excel Class...

"Mike was very personable. Made a boring subject interesting and relevant." -Cecil W., RAMCO Student