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About RAMCO Software Training

Whether you are a training coordinator or an IT professional we have innovative solutions for you. As your technology training partner, we help you identify software training goals, set up online training, hands-on classes, or demo-style seminars to achieve those goals, coordinate your registrations, and deliver a comprehensive, needs-based curriculum aligned with your company's strategic goals. With RAMCO's expertise implementing and managing a structured computer training plan, you can relax with confidence that you are meeting your company and individual training objectives. Why choose RAMCO?


Mission Statement

RAMCO Software Training's mission is to make people more productive through training. Our goals are to be:


We believe that for business computer training to be relevant on the job, the student must not only be exposed to the keystrokes, but when confronted with a problem, be able to apply the appropriate rule, method, or principle without having to be shown how. How can this be accomplished? One technique we use is to focus on concepts, not just on keystrokes.

Training Services

Full Service Customer Support

From inception of the training plan, through the evaluation of its effectiveness and the resultant impact on ROI, our customers are an integral part of the process. Clients benefit from highly experienced training specialists who have a minimum of eight year’s experience in evaluating your training needs at the company level, as well as at the student level. From there we design a custom training plan that includes some or all of the following:

Unique Satisfaction Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with your class, you may repeat the class within 90 days on a space available basis, or we will happily refund your class fee. Contact the RAMCO Sales Department or your Training Representative today to find out about more support options we offer.


RAMCO courseware is also sold on a per-book basis. Most student manuals include a removable quick reference card, with class files available 24x7 on our website.

Training manuals are designed to be easily customized -- you can do it or we can do it for you. RAMCO's unique modular format allows you to modify a course to meet your specific training needs by using selected modules, rearranging modules, or adding proprietary data to class files.