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Computer Training Course Materials

RAMCO has developed computer training content since we opened our doors in 1985. Our customers include large corporations who do not want to invest in technical training curriculum design, and small to medium-sized companies that don't have the need to train hundreds of employees regularly, and want a reliable training provider. We also provide training material to training organizations who do not have the time or resources to research, write, edit, publish, and test courseware for all the classes they teach. They depend on us to provide them with premium quality, instructor-led course content that is available when they need it, at a much lower price than the cost of developing it themselves.

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Benefits of RAMCO Courseware

Instructor guides and student manuals are sold nationally, on a per-book basis or licensed for in-house training. Two options provide you with the flexibility to order by the book for lower volume training or by the license for those courses you teach more frequently. Most student manuals include a reference manual and quick reference card. (Class files are available as a convenient download from our web site.) Instructor guides include the instructor notes with corresponding student manual page, and quick reference card. This format allows the instructor to view his/her notes while also viewing the student page with corresponding page number. A complete kit gives you one-stop shopping making your courseware purchasing job a simple one.

We design our content using a modular format that is easily customized. You can customize the courseware yourself, or we can do the work for you. All of our manuals follow the same consistent format, making an easy transition for instructors who teach many courses. When purchasing a site license, you receive Microsoft Word DOC files of the manuals, which makes it possible for you to customize the documents to meet your specific requirements. You also receive PDF files of the manuals. PDF files enable instructors to teach from a laptop if preferred, eliminating the need for large, paper Instructor Notes, as well as providing the instructor with an instant resource for topics in other levels of the curriculum for those unexpected student questions.

RAMCO courseware is competitively priced to save you money! We all want to spend as little as possible for the best product. RAMCO keeps prices low and quality high by making careful business decisions everyday. Over the years, we have watched computer training content providers drop out of the industry or be purchased by larger organizations who develop content out of the country, while we remain committed to developing high quality, enduring course curriculum. Our superior development model and low prices keep customers returning year after year.


We value your privacy. All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or provided to any other company for any reason.


Contact our Courseware sales department to find out how RAMCO courseware can make your job easier!