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Customizing Your Training and RAMCO Courseware


There are two ways to customize classes when using RAMCO courseware: customize the courseware document files or simply customize the training "on-the-fly" in the classroom. There are several features of RAMCO courseware that promote easy customization by trainers.


Independent Modules make it possible to choose which topics will be taught in class. This allows the class and/or materials to be modified to fit your client's course requirements. Each program has a series of modules from which to choose. The features of our courseware that make mixing and matching modules possible are:

Independent Exercises make it easy for you to customize.

Separate Instructor Script can be easily changed to match student needs. The instructor can:


RAMCO can be involved in your customization by advising, reviewing, formatting, or even making your changes. We can use your custom covers or select the modules you choose to meet your needs. We can even apply your own business examples to the exercises or throughout the course. Contact our Courseware Sales Department to find out how customized RAMCO training and courseware can make your training more effective!