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Volume Discount Voucher Program


What are vouchers?

Vouchers are prepaid coupons that can be redeemed for training classes. Customers benefit from vouchers by getting classes at a volume discount and by paying for many classes on a single invoice, saving money on both training and administrative costs.


Voucher Redemption

Vouchers are valid for redemption for regularly scheduled, open enrollment classes. Please notify RAMCO that you will be using a voucher when you register students or indicate on the online registration form that you will be using a voucher. It is the clients’ responsibility to notify RAMCO at the time of registration to use the voucher in order to guarantee voucher pricing and redemption. Vouchers should be presented to the instructor on the day of class or mailed to the RAMCO office with the registration invoice before the day of class. Vouchers may not be used as partial or applied payments for classes not covered by full Voucher redemption. A separate payment must be made for those classes not eligible for Voucher redemption.

For more information about how you can save money on RAMCO training classes, contact your account representative.

Do you have a group of students to register for the same class? Contact the RAMCO Sales Department for a cost-effective, private group session.